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A platform where you, the individual, will be the reason for the world to be a better place. We act as a catalyst in becoming an agent of change by delivering the hard truth behind our environmental and societal state. What we strive to see is a TRANSPARENT individual and society, where all the values and virtues lived and experienced are really at the service of all of us. That in return, plays an undeniable and immense role to the success of a business, a nation and the world at large. Read more
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Mrs. Tsion Mathewos
Head, Transportation Bureau ,Gambella Regional State

I am excited about the training method that LITHWS came up with. I have gained a lot of skills in how to serve my community better. The flexibility and experience of the trainers did a great justice to our time.

Besufikad Enideg
Plant science Department, Associate professor, Gambella University

LITHWS did not bring a training but a massive opportunity to unleash the greatness and immense potential that we already have for the benefit of everyone. Thank you for making transformation so simple and awesome!

Tesfaye Minwyelet
Commercial Sales Representative, Libya Oil Ethiopia Ltd.

In this two days , took Persuasion and Negotiation Skill with LITHWS , which not only help me understand skills to have smooth relationship  in a social and professional world  and more importantly  how to understand what a client needs and address his needs  with universally accepted tools and techniques to create Win Win for all involved. In this competitive world, such programs makes a huge difference so highly recommend it.Greatful for Oil Libia and LITHWS.

Melsew Birhanu
North Eastern A.A District manager, Nib International bank

Your training definitely exceeded my expectation. The design and delivery quality of the workshop shows the depth of expertise in LITHWS. The training played a big role in building team spirit between participants and gain in-depth skills on persuasion and negotiation. Aside from the professional aspect of it, the training was impactful in helping me to look within, see my greatness. Ato Eskender is such an inspirational trainer. I,alongside my family, definitely looking forward to taking further individual trainings at LITHWS.

Teshome Eshetu
Branch Manager, Nib International Bank

LITHWS really exceeded my expectations. Despite the time constraint, the workshop was totally life-changing-full of principles, tools and real-life experiences to practice in my life and to be a part of the solution for myself and others.

The holistic nature of the workshop helps me gain deep insights into my personal as well as professional life and gave me different perspectives on how to serve, my company, my country and the world at large, better. LITHWS helped me to widen my scope and view the world with better eyes. From now on I will be taking full responsibility for whatever happens around me and take proactive measures to make things better instead of wait for someone else to do it. 

I wish others would join these workshops and gain what I had found. I am very happy and consider myself lucky to be a part of this holistic workshop.

Genanaw Assefa
Sales Agent For Nib Insurance

I am sales agent for 15 years , the two days   customer relationship management  PROGRAM taught me how to do my work in such a scientific way to win the heart of a customer and keep him for long.The program delivery approach made the learning from every one rewarding as well.LITHWS program is not only beneficial professionally  , I found it is helpful  to be successful in other areas of life. I am grateful for the LITHWS team and Nib Insurance management.

Nigatu Abera
Property Evaluation Engineering Division Manager, Nib International Bank

The design of the program is highly customized to the needs of the participants which in turn showed me how experienced LITHWS is. The preparation stage in the training session is admirable which helped participants to be highly concentrated and focused on the training which made the training a success.

I have learned how to do my job skillfully by applying proven methods of negotiation and persuasion and also got a lot of inspiration and motivation for my personal life.

Dr. Ujulu Okock
Gambella University president

These guys know what they are doing and go the extra mile in a friendly and relaxed way. Their great service make working with LITHWS is a great and right decision. I am a proud citizen that we have such an Extraordinary company in Ethiopia.

Dr. Ketema Tilahun
Acadamic Vice President, GMB university

I was loaded with amazing information and skills from the training, energized by all the fresh new approach and amazed at the level of commitment the LITHWS team put in to making this training happen.

I didn’t join a training session, I joined a brotherhood!

SIB Health, Special needs and Women & Youth officer, Gambella University

Helped me to take full responsibility of my life and also found great inspirations and soft skills to bring impactful solutions regarding women and the youth. Thank you LITHWS for caring about my success.

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