Training and Consultancy

In this time of towering competition and growing number of businesses, being fit with the respective type of talented and updated employees is not much of an option.
As a result, having excellent training programs is one of the major issues to be taken into deep consideration. LITHWS, in its mission to narrow the gap, is here to help you by organizing different types of training programs and consultancy services on a corporate level.
Our years of experience in designing developing and refining leadership and human resource development programs that granted us to work with different international, local governmental and non-governmental companies, guarantees your corporate goals achievements and celebrate success in its highest form.
In order to meet your company’s training and development gaps, our programs are customized to fit specific focus areas that you would like to work by conducting pre training assessments.

Our services include: 
Adapting and managing change
Team work and team leadership
Principles of achieving organizational goals
Time and Task Management
Successful sales leadership
Effective customer relationship management
Performance management
Effective project planning and project management
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